Spotless Cash Washing Services

Keeping your car, truck or SUV clean is easy when you turn to HWY 61 Express. We offer express washes to drivers in Ascension Parish. When you bring your vehicle to our location for a cleaning, you can choose from four affordable packages, including:

  •  $5.00    Express Wash — Pre-Soak and a Foam Soap, Spot Free Rinse and a Super Dry
  •  $10.00  Wheel Deal — If your car's tires are in need of a cleaning, it has everything the Express wash has and       Adds: Rim Cleaner, Ninja Wheel Cloth for the Rims and Tire Shine
  •  $15.00  Rain-X Protect —  This is where we get into conditiners for the paint.                                                            Adds: Lava Bath (pre-soak that helps lift the dirt out of the cracks), Triple Foam (Polish), Double shot of Rim                  Cleaner, and Rain-X applied to the whole car.
  • $ 18.00  Manager Special — This is everythig offered inside our tunnel. All our pakages combined                             Adds: Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine ( a liquid carnauba wax that is applied to the whole car, like waxing your                    car without all the rubbing)                                                                       

Car on the Road


To make your car wash even better, select one of our upgrades. We have add-ons available for all of our car wash packages, which include:

  •  Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine – $4.00
  • Rain-X Treatment – $3.00
  • Tire Shine – $3.00 

Express Car Wash

Monthly Passes

We want to help you keep your ride in tip-top shape at all times. For this reason, we offer monthly passes that you can use to have your vehicle washed one time per day. With these pacakge you will need a Credit Card or Dedit card to sign up.

  • Wheel Deal Pass – $19.95
  • Rain-X Protect – $24.95
  • Managers Special – $34.95